When we’re feeling stuck, exhausted, and even start doubting ourselves and our professional ability, the solution is not to push forward, it’s to slow down - yet many of us don’t know how to do that. Yes, the self-help industry is worth over a billion dollars, but advice from celebrities and stars doesn’t always stick. And now, more than ever, contentment feels very out of reach.

So, in this program, tap into mindfulness, learn how to take care of yourself, and avoid burning out. You’ll learn how to get rid of mental clutter, think more clearly and maximise your productivity. The seed program also covers the basics of tech, sales, marketing, how to build your personal brand, and take care of financials and investing.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

  • Instil self-assessment and emotional intelligence

  • Your subconscious mind and growth mindset

  • Practice self-care and daily routines

  • Define your values & craft a mission

  • Develop a magnetic personality

  • Improve your critical thinking skills

  • Think like a designer

  • Build your personal brand

  • Gain the technical know-how

  • The fundamentals of selling

  • Adopt a money mind

  • Intro to entrepreneurship

What’s included?

  • Access a flagship curriculum of 12 weeks

  • Weekly sessions with micro-tasks

  • Curated resources

  • Self-assessment & Progress tracking

  • Receive a certificate of completion

Make Your Growth The Ultimate Goal