Navigating the Web3 Ecosystem

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Whether you're into blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFT, or web3-based tech, or just curious about what all these buzzwords mean, this 12-week program provides a blend of asynchronous learning, live expert sessions, and dedicated office hours for personalized guidance.

In collaboration with

  • Coinspaid
  • The VC
  • Orange DAO
Time Commitment
2-3 hours / week

Web3 is not just a tech trend - it's a seismic shift that's shaking up the digital world. It's a revolution that's here to stay, and here's why you should care:

  • The crypto market has skyrocketed from $200 billion in 2019 to a staggering $2 trillion in 2023. That's a 10x growth!
  • Over 65% of Fortune 500 companies are now making crypto a key part of their strategy. From holding Bitcoin to accepting crypto payments, these corporate giants are signaling a major shift in the business landscape.
  • Crypto's got the academic nod. Now, 56% of the world's top 50 universities offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain.

Web3 is more than a financial revolution—it's a democratization of the digital world. It's a space where your voice matters, innovation is celebrated, and everyone can make their mark, regardless of age or experience. Whether you're a seasoned tech professional, a curious beginner, or just someone who doesn't want to be left behind, now's the time to dive into Web3. This isn't just a trend—it's a revolution.

Who's Ready to Dive In?

  • A startup founder looking to leverage Web3 for your next venture,
  • An investor ready to surf the Web3 wave,
  • A forward-thinking professional who knows Web3 is the next big leap,
  • And anyone who's ever scratched their head at 'blockchain', 'crypto', 'NFT', or 'DeFi' and thought, "I need to get in on this."

What's the Plan?

Over 12 weeks, expect to spend 2-3 hours weekly exploring Web3. Biweekly interactive sessions with experts, self-paced learning materials, and your Accountability Pod for peer support make up this journey. Plus, group office hours for personalized guidance.

This isn't just about theory - you'll get hands-on experience with Web3 and no-code tools, giving you the practical skills you need to step into the Web3 world. Ready to dive in?

Late Enrollment? No Worries!

Just discovered us or had a busy schedule? No problem. You can still enroll in the program after it has started. You'll have access to all the materials and resources, so you can catch up at your own pace. So go ahead, jump in - the water's fine!

At Founderly's Third Wave Web3 Event in Tallinn, we pitched Vespia's unique digital identity solution and won a prize. Thanks to the Founderly team for organizing the Third Wave educational program and finishing it off with a bang!

Julia Ront
Founder, Vespia
Vespia Web3 Award
Panel discussion on DeFi
Max from Coinspaid is meeting people
Web3 IRL Event in Tallinn
Raido is posing

Meet the Experts

Learn from top voices in the Web3 world, with new speakers being added continually!

  • Max Krupyshev

    Max Krupyshev

    Cofounder & CEO, Coinspaid

  • Mike Gault

    Mike Gault

    CEO, Alphabill Labs

  • Kyn Chaturvedi

    Kyn Chaturvedi

    MD, Riddec

  • Kristaps Grinbergs

    Kristaps Grinbergs

    Web3.0 Dev, Salto X

  • Jennifer Sanasie

    Jennifer Sanasie

    News Anchor & Producer, CoinDesk

  • Tahir Mahmood

    Tahir Mahmood

    Cofounder, Private Public Key

  • Vlad Svitanko

    Vlad Svitanko

    Founder, Cryptorsy

  • Arturs Garais

    Arturs Garais

    Web3 Project Lead, airBaltic

  • Teddy Pejoski

    Teddy Pejoski

    Founder, Enzyme

  • Robert Pallas

    Robert Pallas

    Cofounder, Devtailor

  • Gary Teh

    Gary Teh

    Contributor, TrueSight DAO

  • Tobias Bauer

    Tobias Bauer

    Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund

  • Henri Allik

    Henri Allik

    COO, Stakin

  • Kadri Kaasik

    Kadri Kaasik

    Founder, Silva Hunt

  • Kati Miller

    Kati Miller

    Compliance Manager, BlockBen

  • Astrid Laupmaa

    Astrid Laupmaa


  • Tanisha Katara

    Tanisha Katara

    Consultant, Polygon Labs

  • Edilson Osorio Jr

    Edilson Osorio Jr

    CEO, OriginayMy

  • Deepansh Singh

    Deepansh Singh

    COO, Polkadex

  • Evan Luthra

    Evan Luthra

    Investor, EL Group

Your Hands-On Learning Journey

Join live expert-led sessions, dive into rich learning materials, connect with peers in accountability groups, and get personalized guidance in group office hours. With new speakers and resources added regularly, your learning journey is always evolving.

  • Asynchronous Learning. Access pre-recorded lectures, online resources, and interactive assignments at your own pace.
  • Live Sessions. Join bi-weekly live sessions with Web3 experts covering tools, use cases, and more.
  • Office Hours. Connect with mentors and experts during dedicated office hours for personalized guidance.
  • IRL Experience. Participate in in-person events in the Baltics promoting Web3 growth and adoption.
  • Demo Day. Showcase your progress on Demo Day, with the opportunity to raise your first investment.
  • Networking. Connect and meet new peers and people, expanding your professional network in the Web3 space.

Join the Web3 Revolution

Spaces are filling up fast. Don't miss your chance to be at the forefront of the Web3 movement. Reserve your spot now and be part of the change.

What’s included

  • Access to Pre-Recorded Lectures

  • Live Expert-Led Sessions

  • Office Hours

  • Accountability Pod/Group

  • Invite to Demo Day/IRL event

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Resources library

  • LinkedIn badge & NFT on program completion

€299 EUR

€50 EUR

(Discount Applied)

Invoices and receipts available for company reimbursement

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