Third Wave — A VIP Web3 Event

Third Wave — A VIP Web3 Event

TALLINN, Estonia — August 30, 2022Founderly hosted an invite-only VIP event in Tallinn to bring together founders, investors, ecosystem builders, and regulators to discuss the latest trends and concerns of the emerging Web3 sector.


This event was a culmination of a 9-week educational program called Third Wave, which Founderly introduced this summer to give participants a comprehensive overview of Web3.


Two panels at the event addressed the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the future of money.


The first panel included these speakers:

  • Max Krupyshev (CoinsPaid),
  • Vattan PS (Founderly).


In the second panel, titled “The Emerging Programmable Money,” speakers Evald-Hannes Kree (Swapin), Ailin Wang (Web3 Galaxy), Vivek Prasannan (Polkadex), and Asse Sauga (Estonian Crypto Association) shared their thoughts on how programmable money will develop.


Astra Tikas, the co-founder of INO, an internet-native-non-profit organization founded in Estonia, began the pitches with a musical performance. She sang a blockchain song that she composed and told the audience about her organisation's mission to bring DAO principles to the mainstream.


Five Web3 startups were presented on stage, including AltraHouse by Frederic Hubin, by Julian Kaljuvee, SolarPigs NFT by Dimitri Nassenik, Metaboutiq by Dmitri Nogin and Vespia by Julia Ront.


Metaboutiq and Vespia were selected for special prizes from Swapin, CoinsPaid, Estonian Crypto Association and Web3 Galaxy. 👏


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, who have helped us in our mission to educate and gather the community around Web3.


CoinsPaid — An organisation providing cryptocurrency payment services and personal wallets.

Swapin — Offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform that helps individuals and businesses accept and spend crypto in a more thoughtful way.

Yolo Group — Next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech & blockchain Serving millions of users worldwide.

Estonian Crypto Association — Working to develop the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrencies in the fields of taxation and law, as well as taking part in legislation.

Web3 Galaxy — A world tour of unique events for people in the industry to gather, communicate, and cooperate. It will kick off in Dubai in October 2022, and all are welcome to join.

Polkadex — A fully decentralized peer-to-peer order book-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate.



🙏 Thank you to all who attended, and to those who contributed.


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