Community, Go-to-Market and Investment

Community, Go-to-Market and Investment

The Opportunity

Web3 is the internet of tomorrow, which aims to decentralize everything from financial services to social media. Cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs are the first applications to gain traction and enjoy mainstream adoption.

We're bombarded by marketing efforts every day. Every street we walk, every train we ride, every website we visit—we're exposed to companies selling us their products and services. The saturation is high, and the fatigue is real.

Web3 offers a more fair, trust-based world where communities take center stage. In Web2 the primary stakeholder is the customer; but in Web3, alignment of incentives through stakeholder primacy means that the entire community of contributors within a network are turned into stakeholders — driving new distribution strategies.


Some interesting figures on the 2021 market:

  • VCs invested more than $30 billion globally in web3 startups in 2021
  • There are over 65 crypto unicorns
  • The total value of cryptocurrencies exceeded $3T


A community-first approach can have a positive effect on adoption and retention in Web3.

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