Remote Founder Accelerator 

Helping ambitious professionals like you to build a startup on the side.

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Invite only · Next cohort starts 15th of April
Remote Accelerator

How it works

The program is divided into two stages to keep it simple and productive.
First, you’ll develop your founder’s mindset and put together an actionable business plan. Then, you’ll build your minimum sellable product and find your first customers.

Seed Stage
Step 1: Seed
Start developing your entrepreneurial mindset by creating and validating your business plan.
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Bloom Stage
Step 2: Bloom
Build minimum sellable product and unlock access to over $100,000 partner deals and exposure.
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What they say

Kemal Ozturk
Founder of ShowApp

Working together with  Founderly has been an awesome learning experience. The team challenged me in many ways, unlocking new pathways which enabled me to creating a better product.

Founderly were very swift at providing resources, as well as tools required in order to accomplishing the next goal. They do really well with connecting the appropriate personal with the required skillset to help make your vision come true.

I am grateful and thankful to Founderly for their help!

A membership with benefits

Early Access - start your membership for just €90 a month.

Accelerated learning

Our gamified framework uses growth metrics and peer-to-peer learning to help you get to grips with running a startup. 

Global Network

Unite under a common vision and collaborate with fellow founders. Connect to domain experts and investors, and access the connections you need to launch in different markets and land your first client. 


We help you get PR and media coverage, set up intros with investors, and enter startup competitions that build visibility, credibility, and attract team members and investors. 

Partner deals

Our partners support founders by providing free access to their productivity software, SaaS tools, cloud storage, and event spaces. You can save more than $100,000 by tapping into the partnerships available.

Virtual Office Hours

We organise office hours and AMAs with marketing pros, tech superstars, sales gurus, and product experts that get your burning questions answered.

Profound resources

Write the perfect business plan and build your first minimum sellable product with the help of profound startup tools, trending industry news, and book recommendations. 

Retreats and Meetups

We run a couple of global events each year, including startup retreats, private dinners, and networking meetups, all designed to help you take your business forward.

Subscription to CoFounder Magazine

Benefit from a free subscription to CoFounder magazine and learn how successful founders made a name for themselves. 

Remote Accelerator
Build Your Startup in Your Spare Time

Our Remote Accelerator helps you turn your seed of an idea into a successful business in your own time.

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Invite only · Next cohort starts 15th of April