How it Works

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to build your startup, don’t wait any longer. We’ve got marketing pros, tech superstars, sales gurus, and product experts on hand to help you create your startup around your full-time job.

Every quarter, we select up to 50 people from hundreds of applications. Successful applicants are then paired up with potential co-founders to create an all-star team with the right mix of expertise.

The second phase is all about growing your startup. We calculate equity and shares based on each team member’s commitment to the project before you kick things off. For 9 weeks, you’ll hone your processes and build your business before the growth phase culminates in a demo day and a private dinner where you can meet VCs and Angel Investors.

Product Roadmap

  1. Week 1

    Mentor Assignment

  2. Week 2

    Effectuation & Team Formation

  3. Week 2 & 3

    Design Sprint

  4. Week 4-6

    Minimum Sellable Product

  5. Week 7-8

    Early Growth Hacks

  6. Week 9

    Lean Customer Development