Q: Why Should I become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship develops your mindset, skills, network, and experience to help you skyrocket your personal and professional growth. 

Q: Who is a Founder and do I have to build a startup to become one?

Entrepreneurship is not just about building a startup. You can become the Founder of a side project, an ebook, a podcast, a YouTube channel, or even a cafe. It’s less about running a business and more about solving big problems in the simplest way possible. 

Q: How can I validate the idea of building a startup around my day job?

Google introduced the 20% rule for their employees; LinkedIn has InCubator, a program that gives engineers time away from their regular jobs to work on their own product ideas; Apple has Blue Sky, which allows workers to spend a few weeks on side projects; and Microsoft created The Garage, a space for employees to build their own products using Microsoft resources. The 10% Entrepreneur by Patrick J. McGinnis is a great book on this subject if you want further reading.

Q: Why should I choose a remote program?

We believe the future of work is remote. We are a remote company, which puts us in the best position to help other remote startups.

Q: What does it cost?

Founderly membership costs €120/month, or €1200/year.

Q: Do you provide financial help?

We offer financial aid of up to 90% for demonstrated need-based only. For each cohort, we offer a limited number of partially-funded financial aid offers that are exclusively need-based.

Q: Why do you use Gamification?

Gamification increases productivity by awarding points for successfully completing milestones. Live leaderboards further boost productivity by promoting healthy (and friendly) competition between our community of founders.

Q: What if I don’t have an idea?

It’s absolutely okay if you don’t have an idea. Our structured approach will help you generate and validate ideas, or connect with others based on your interests and vision. 

Q: What If I have a team already?

It’s great that you already have a team, but we ask that you all join this program individually to track your team’s progress and achieve more milestones.

Q: How do you differ from other programs or institutions?

We focus more on your individual growth than your company’s growth. We’ve built a unique learning experience that allows you to maximize the value you get out of it on a schedule that suits your unique needs. We are also a fully remote program that helps you validate your ideas wherever you are in the world. 

Q: How does Founderly build the educational content?

Our knowledge base is built by a diverse range of experts, including academics, founders, investors, and startup coaches. We curate up-to-date and trending educational content from more than 100 high quality sources.

Q: How long does it take to complete the program?

It's a one-year-long program that requires around five hours a week of your time. How you schedule that time is up to you: you can put 1 hour in every working day, or 5 hours during the weekend. Choose a pace that suits you and your lifestyle. 

Q: Do you provide a certificate post program?

Yes! You’ll receive a “Founderly Certified” badge when you rank in the top 100 on the leaderboard. 

Q: What happens each week?

Based on your pace, we share learning material and a micro task to complete. You start earning points once you start learning and completing tasks. 

Q: How can I monitor my progress?

You get awarded points for every lesson and micro task you complete. The number of points will be updated automatically and appear on your dashboard. We will also show you a KPI graph to track your week-on-week progress.

Q:  How do you enable peer-to-peer learning?

You’ll be matched with a group of 6 peers with similar interests once you reach the Bloom Stage. You’ll be able to track each other’s progress, vote on their weekly achievements, and take part in discussions in a private peer platform. 

Q: Do you also offer investment?

We value time and the right resources over money, and we believe in bootstrapping in the early days. We will provide you with all the necessary resources you need to launch your startup and then, once you hit your next milestone, we’ll introduce you to investors to get your first investment.

Q: Can’t I just build my team and do all of it myself?

Yes, you can – everyone can, and we would love that. We’ve designed this program to share our knowledge and the enthusiasm we have for startups and founders. We believe that time is valuable and it’s important to start the right way to save time trying things that don’t work.

Q: Do you offer office space?

This program is location independent and we believe in remote working to get the most out of your startup. We have first partner deals with various co-working spaces so you have somewhere to host your weekly or monthly meetings. We also organize various events with our partners and encourage you to meet fellow founders and work under the same roof if possible.

Q: When is the right time to incorporate my company?

Incorporation can be an expensive, lengthy, and confusing process, which is why we advise you to incorporate when you hit your next milestone, whether that’s when you get investment or your first paying customer. We will advise you on the best country to incorporate your startup in.

Q: What tax implications will I face?

There are no tax implications until your startup generates revenue. We usually advise you to incorporate your startup at this stage, but it’s also a good idea to consult with a tax advisor or attorney.

Q: If I decide it’s not for me, can I cancel?

We charge in quarterly payments. If you think the program isn’t working for you, please get in touch before your next payment and we’ll cancel it for you.

Q: I’m not ready to start the program just yet, but can you find me a job in a good startup?

Yes, we are partners with a huge number of startups and VC funds. We might be able to help you find a job and can set up introductions for you. 

Anything we missed?

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